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           Welcome to Kreative Ways!


About The Founder

Kreative Ways came into actualization through the inspiration of Sarah Videgla, a lover of Christ, a writer, a baker, a wife and a mother of three amazing children. Sarah’s passion of writing came at the age of seven and hasn’t stop ever since. As her creativity part, she realized that gift when she was in her teen. With hard work and dedication; she decided to start “Kreative Ways LLC” to show her talent and inspire others to do the same. She hopes that you will get motivation and inspiration daily through any of her products and hope you will use that drive to bring out the light in you.

About Us

 Kreative Ways came into existence in the Spring Season of 2019. Its first products began reaching the online market early November and it has been touching different lives ever since. Kreative Ways is with a solo purpose to encourage, uplift and motivates everyone that uses our products.


Use our products to empower and help women build their own business one at the time.


Glorify & Honor God In All That We Do!


Love & Light!

Sarah Videgla, MPA/MAHS

Founder & CEO